How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership

Spotify is a freemium music streaming service. Its primary services are free with advertisements or limitations. While it also provides additional services, features are such as improved streaming quality and music downloads, are offered via paid subscriptions.

If you’re a premium subscriber and thinking to let go of the paid subscription for any of the reasons. After canceling your paid service, you’re still able to enjoy free service of it.

Don’t worry. If you want to return to Spotify in future, you’ll always be able to do this at any time. So, here is the procedure for canceling your Spotify Premium membership or paid subscription both in an iOS device and also from Web.

How to cancel Spotify Premium Membership Subscription on the Web

Try these uncomplicated ways to cancel your premium subscription:

Way 1

  1. Open your Web browser on your desktop.
  2. Go to ‘’ to open Spotify’s subscription webpage.
  3. Log-in with your account username and password.
  4. Click on the link ‘Cancel your subscription’ under Subscription and Payment. The link may be in green color.
  5. Select a reason for ‘Why are you canceling your subscription’ from the options.
  6. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm.
  7. Click ‘Cancel My Subscription’ button.
  8. Enter your password if asked. And click on ‘Cancel Spotify Premium subscription’ and done.

This is the simple way to cancel your Premium Membership Subscription. If this method does not suit you, then try ‘Way 2’.

Way 2

  1. Open your Web browser on your desktop.
  2. Go to Spotify homepage.
  3. Click ‘Login.’
  4. Enter your account’s username and password, in the login screen.
  5. Now, click on the ‘Login’ button.
  6. Click on your ‘Username.’ It is on the upper corner of your screen.
  7. Click on ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click on ‘Subscription’ button. It is on your left-hand sidebar in the account window.
  9. Click on ‘Cancel Your Subscription’ link.
  10. Select a reason for ‘Why are you canceling your subscription’ from the options.
  11. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm.
  12. Click ‘Cancel My Subscription’ button.
  13. Enter your password if asked.
  14. Click on ‘Cancel Spotify Premium subscription’ and done.

That’s it, your Spotify Premium Membership Subscription has canceled, But still, Spotify will give you access to your Premium account till the end of your subscription end for which you have already paid.

How to cancel Spotify Premium Membership Subscription from iTunes of your iOS device

  1. Launch ‘Settings’ of your iOS device.
  2. Tap on ‘App and iTunes Stores.’
  3. Tap on your ‘Apple ID.’ Make sure you’re logged in with the correct Apple ID.
  4. Now, Tap ‘View Apple ID’ in the popup.
  5. Enter the password, if asked.
  6. Tap ‘Manage,’ under Subscriptions.
  7. Tap on your ‘Spotify Premium subscription’ in the list.
  8. Select ‘Turn off Automatic Renewal’ to stop premium service.
  9. Hit ‘Done’ to finish.

That’s it, your Spotify Premium Membership Subscription has canceled, But still, Spotify will give you access to your Premium account till the end of your subscription end for which you have already paid.

How You Can Protect Your Smart Devices from Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks on IoT devices are increasing with the availability of powerful devices to criminals. A breach on your device’s privacy can be a very costly event. The vulnerability of every device may be largely associated with how you use your device and the security inputs installed at purchase. The assumption that cybercrime affects high profile targets or finance associated devices alone has led to most devices being left unprotected.

However, every smart device in the home needs extra safety making an antivirus a must buy service for home and office devices.

McAfee Labs Threat report identified an all-time surge in the number of smart device attacks. However, the sturdy discovered little or no change in an antimalware application on many smart devices which is associated with the skyrocketing breach of smart device security. If you do not want a lengthy explanation on how to protect your device, you can simply install the McAfee Internet security for an all device protection from However, these are the must-read directions for modern smart device protection.

1. Get your own strong password
Some devices such as baby cams and Google dot cameras come with a manufacturer set password which can be literally fished online. This exposes you to the slightest sign of threat. If you can’t change the password, simply move on to another device. A strong password with Lowercase, Uppercase, numbers and special characters changed regularly make it near impossible for the bad guys to access data on your devices even if they get past your network.

2. Turn off devices if not in use
Some devices need to be on all the time and this is great for service but bad for security. You can schedule regular reboots within a week of continuous use to reset the memory. This way, you will eradicate any malware saved in the memory and reboot it back to default. If you get a reliably connected antivirus such as Mcafee Antivirus, this won’t be a problem, the malware will be inactivated before becoming a threat to any of your devices.

3. Secure your network
The home wifi network is the ultimate gateway to any cyber attacks on your IoT device. You need to make regular changes to the passwords and ensure the Router firewall is active at all times.

4. Ensure your device firmware is updated
Mcafee antivirus will give you regular alerts to any threats if your device has an outdated security system but this may not be enough. You have to ensure your passwords are changed and security updates are installed. This keeps your devices beyond reach to every new malware.

5. Verify every update before installing
Phishing attacks are the biggest cause of security breaches on smart devices. Cybercriminals are looking for ways to appear more genuine and reliable. Before you make any download from a website or an advert, ensure the URL is secure (check for https) before downloading.

6. Invest in a reliable antimalware service
All these measures are great but they can be breached at one point or another. If you invest in an all-purpose antivirus software, you won’t have to worry about most of these threats.

You can keep all your smart devices safe by downloading the Mcafee home security service which will update and secure all devices connected to the internet. You can get a pocket-friendly package by going to for the latest antivirus software.

Before you purchase any smart device for your home or office use, you have to prepare for all associated risks. Cyber attacks make the device a threat to privacy and security.

Cybercrime turns smart devices into threats for the whole family which is why an antivirus is a necessary part of the budget for every device you use. Mcafee antivirus prepares your device for every possible breach with continued research that puts every device you have ahead of the bad guys.

How to Excel the Art of iPhone Photography – Mcafeeactivate-mcafee

The Camera app in iPhones is pretty advanced. Apple makes regular improvements to the iPhone cameras, and they are now equipped with optical image stabilization and Portrait Lighting. With iPhone camera, anybody can easily produce exceptional pictures, especially in good lighting. Irrespective of how experienced or skilled you are in iPhone photography, you can still excel the art by following some tips.

Tips for snapping excellent iPhone photos

1- Exposure and lighting

Pictures come better when taken in the proper natural light. Therefore, make sure that the place is well-lit and pay attention to the angle of the light. The direction from which the light is coming, its source, color, and intensity must be taken into account. Professionals use reflectors to manage the lighting. While taking pictures from your iPhone, make sure that light is focused on the picture’s subject.

For a more natural appeal, try clicking pictures during sunrise or sunset.

2- Clean the lens

While it may seem apparent, but people often neglect it. Since iPhones are either kept in the pocket or held in hands, they tend to gather dust and fingerprints around and all over the lens. If you take a picture without cleaning the camera lens, then the image will be blurred as diffusion and diffraction of light will happen due to the grime.

With the help of a microfiber rag, just gently but thoroughly clean the lens. Do not use any hard fabric for cleaning the lens because it may lead to scratches.

3- Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds means breaking up your image (in your mind) by drawing two imaginary horizontal lines and two imaginary vertical lines that make up nine grids in total. You then put the critical components in the picture along the imaginary lines, or at the ends where they join. The camera app in iPhones comes with an option to split the camera screen into nine equal blocks.

4- Do not use flash

Even though flash is useful in low-lights, it usually ends up ruining photos. If you absolutely have to use flash, then try using the torch mode. This will help you get a preview of how the objects will look when exposed to flash, by keeping the flash continuously lighted up. The flash in iPhones has a specific range of around 4-6 feet. Therefore, if the subject of the picture is further away than that, then the image will come out blurry.

5- Use third-party apps

While the stock Camera app is pretty good, try experimenting with other apps. There are several manual camera applications available in the App Store. If you want more robust manual cam controls such as ISO and shutter speed, then go for Native iPhone camera application. You can also try VSCO as it comes with several advanced modes and features.

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